Volvo’s Top Three Technological Features of 2019

Volvo Car Tech in Sinking Spring, PAGone are the days when a sporty exterior and roomy interior is enough for new car buyers. Today the technological features are just as important. From premium sound systems, assisting with parallel parking, or having your car read and return a text message, the technology available with Volvo’s 2019 line-up will leave you amazed and looking for more.

Harman Kardon Premium Sound

Quality sound is a must when you’re driving here and there. The XC40 Volvo provides you with a 600-watt 13-speaker premium Harman Kardon Sound system specifically created with Air Woofer Technology for an innovative air-ventilated enclosure. You can enjoy a more cohesive sound stage with a substantial up-front-low frequency impact, all while avoiding too much bass for the back seat passengers.

Park Assist Pilot

Parking can sometimes be difficult, especially when the spots are tight or if you have a new driver in the family. Either way, you can let it all go with Park Assist Pilot and let your car take control of parking. Regardless if it is a perpendicular parking space or right along the street, the Volvo has your back.

With just a push of a button, the “Park Assist Pilot” feature will take over the steering while you control the vehicle’s gears, including the throttle and brakes. Once you chose the location, it will start to read exactly where the parking space is using ultrasonic sensors.

Wondering if the area is big enough for your Volvo? The system will notify you right away if it isn’t so that you can move on to the next parking space. Additional instructions — visible on the driver’s display — include the image of the car and the distance to any obstacle. This feature will give you the confidence you need to park correctly.

Apple CarPlay

You can control the functions of your iPhone with the car’s touch screen, Siri voice function, or even through its steering wheel controls with Apple CarPlay. This feature makes your phone more accessible and safe to use while driving. Siri will also read and respond via voice text to messages you receive, letting you keep your attention on the road.

CarPlay also supports apps for listening to your favorite music or podcasts through Spotify or PodCasts. While you’re using the map application, Siri will assist you by reading off the address to where you need to go. While Bluetooth is relatively widespread, CarPlay provides a better quality of sound just by connecting your iPhone to the car’s USB port.

Performance Volvo Cars understands you are looking for more than just a nice looking car with comfy seats. You want a sound system that lets you believe you hear the music live, a car that can park itself, and connection with the outside world while driving. The 2019 Volvo line-up offers just that. Stop in to visit us, shop our showroom, talk with our knowledgeable staff, and schedule a test drive to experience it all for yourself.

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